Hours of Play

Summer months longer daylight hours

In the summer month having longer daylight hours upon us, the committee has agreed that tee times can commence from 06:00 through Mon to Sun and later sign-ins, up to 22:00, will also be allowed.

This will especially benefit those members who work during the week who will now be able to participate in the weekly competitions. Members must appreciate that by allowing later sign-ins this may mean, on some occasions, that the results of the competition(s) may not be communicated until the next day.

These tee time changes will take effect from early Feb and will apply throughout the calendar year and obviously, members will decide for themselves on light conditions. Members are reminded that when booking a tee time then they must adhere to that tee time and must not tee off before their allotted time.

Constraints: Members must be aware, however, that there are the following current constraints:

• If the green keeper is on the course all golfers must give way as the green keeper has priority at all times.
• Members must not start a round of golf if there is frost on the ground or the course or greens are waterlogged.
• If golfers are not able to see the 1st green, due to fog or mist, then they should not play.

All members are reminded they must comply with the clubs Health and Safety Policy at all times.

Course Closure: To be able to apply the above constraints the course will be deemed ‘closed’ by the ‘course closed’ chain across entrances to the course. It may well mean that, in the future, the decision to close the course will have to be made the evening before, which will then allow time for appropriate communications to be sent out via ClubV1, Facebook and the club web-site.

Members must realise however, that the committee are all volunteers and there may be occasions when we will not have anyone available to send out communications once the course has been closed and we, therefore, encourage members to use common sense, in regard to local weather forecasts and conditions, before journeying to the club.

Finally, the greens will now be cut last thing Tuesday and Friday, not on the day of competitions unless, of course, weather conditions force it.